Commercial dumpsters rental service

Disposing commercial waste and debris from job sites in the construction industry is a complex and responsible task requiring powerful specially-designed equipment. Specific commercial dumpsters are available for renting in most waste disposal companies and many contractors and businesses keep their regular contracts with these companies. Our company is primarily settled in Miami, FL, but our job has expanded enough to operate on a national level and connect many cities and areas. We use the latest technique and strive to meet high standards of service in modern waste disposal industry. With a large assortment of commercial dumpsters and flexible service options, our company assists many contractors as a reliable partner with competitive prices.

Characteristics of commercial dumpsters


When it comes to massive projects, such as jobs in the construction industry, large size dumpsters are the most convenient solution. It includes dumpsters holding 30 and 40 yards and various width and length of a dumpster. On the other hand, some businesses require their waste removed weekly or monthly and smaller dumpsters holding 10 or 20 yards suffice. If a job includes specific material, hazardous or toxic material, dumpsters specially-designed for these purposes have to be used.

What can you use commercial dumpsters for?

Basically, commercial dumpsters are a great solution for waste removal in any situation when contractors or businesses have to get rid of heavy constructions, massive amounts of waste or hazardous material. It includes regular removing of trash in schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, but also disposal of materials such as concrete, dirt, asphalt, shingles, drywall, tile and many others.

Commercial dumpster rental in constructive industry

The most common projects in the construction industry when commercial dumpsters are rented include roofing jobs, concrete removal, and demolition projects. Commercial dumpsters designed for roofing have some specific features and are equipped to carry shingles and sheathing, serving most roofing projects in Miami. Another common type of construction jobs where our company assists successfully with dumpsters for rental are projects including concrete removal. This heavy material requires a specific pledge of a dumpster from the inside, and the largest size of the dumpster (40 yards) is the most convenient. Demolition projects result inevitably in large amounts of waste, debris, and dirt. A demolition dumpster available for rental in our company deals with these kinds of waste rather efficiently.

Aside assisting in commercial and construction waste removal, our company provides trash removal services and dumpster for various yard waste removal and landscaping projects across Miami region.