Roll Off Dumpster rental service: All you need to know

A waste container with an open top, popularly called roll off dumpster or roll-off box, is a convenient solution for all the situations requiring one-time disposing of a larger amount of waste. All reliable trash disposal companies in Miami provide this service for residential and commercial projects. The roll off containers is available in various sizes, delivered by a special truck and the renting period usually lasts for seven to ten days.

What can you use roll off dumpster for?

There are plenty of situations when you might need a residential roll off dumpster rental useful. An occasional household cleanup, various remodeling, redesigning or renovation projects in your house or backyard and landscaping jobs. With dumpster placed in your driveway, you are free to focus on the project without worrying what to do with the piles of waste afterward. The rental service usually gives a week of the rental period, so you just have to pre-plan your project to have all the waste collected during this period. Most services charge additional fees if you cross the time limits.

Also, if you have to deal with commercial waste, having a regular contract with a local trash disposal service is the most convenient solution in the long run. Renting a large size dumpster once a day, a week or monthly will keep your working premises clean. There are even special dumpsters designed to collect waste in the construction industry after building, demolition, roofing or landscaping, including hazardous and toxic material.

How to choose the adequate size of a dumpster?


If you are not quite sure about the size of a dumpster you’re going to need, the best is to precisely describe your project to the waste disposal company and ask their technicians for advice. The sizes vary from 10 to 40 yards. Dumpsters holding 30 or 40 yards of debris are designed for large projects including larger amounts of trash, usually commercial or constructive industry tasks. Dumpsters of 10 to 30 yards are useful for residential projects, such as the renovation of a house.

The price of a dumpster rental service?

Although most waste disposal companies have competitive prices, the overall price of dumpster rental depends on a size of a dumpster and a location where you want it placed. It usually includes delivery of a dumpster, pickup, and disposal. Most companies include local taxes into the price and charge additional fees for crossing the deadlines.