How big dumpster do you need?

Whether you are planning to rent a residential dumpster for house cleanout, renovation or remodeling or you have a massive amount of construction junk to be removed via commercial Dumpster, our company provides the solution for your task. We serve the whole area of Miami, FL providing waste removal services and dumpster rental service. Among frequently asked questions we come across on a daily basis, many refer to picking the right size of a dumpster to rent. Thus we created this guide to try to simplify the matter a bit. There is no a precise formula or universal answer for all similar situations, but if you describe your project precisely to our technicians, they will use their knowledge and experience to give you the right advice. Dumpster in our assortment come in various sizes, and these are the most common models.

10 yard Dumpsters

These dumpsters are ideal for small and mid-sized projects, mostly residential type. If you expect your project to result in the relatively small amount of debris or junk, a 10-yard dumpster will do the job. It includes situations such as thorough house cleanup, garage cleanouts, smaller remodeling, painting or superficial landscaping.

15-yard dumpster

These models are not so typical, but they will do the job for mid-sized residential waste removal. Renovation of a house, remodeling of an average room or garage, backyard constructions and similar tasks. If you’re not sure that 10-yard dumpster will be enough, try with this category.

20-yard dumpsters


The 20-yard dumpsters are significantly larger, and you can use them for projects of a bigger scope. It includes larger renovations, cleanup of a more spacious house or backyard, mid-size constructions, even roofing. These dumpsters are often rented for commercial and construction waste removal, too.

30 and 40-yard dumpsters

These are the largest models of dumpsters for rental, with higher walls and designed to hold great amounts of various waste materials. These dumpsters are excellent for commercial and constructive projects, demolition and building, major house renovations, community cleanup and many other situations when tons of trash are expected.